Why is French gastronomy so famous?


Food in France is a way of life. Every region has their own specialty and rich history in regard to food. There is a social reason too. French people like to savour their food and take their time.

My experience at an ‘Aussie BBQ’ held by French people in Melbourne at Sandringham beach shocked me. Even a tablecloth with knives and forks were arranged. No simple snags or beef patties, but green peppers, chicken wings and spices were the fare. Formalities were attended to, as nobody was to eat until everybody had their food. We all sat politely at the park table waiting our turn. This behaviour reveals the sacred relationship French people (even expats) have with their food.

Dinner begins with an aperitif where people have a chinwag and sip wine. Many of the products we sell in our boxes are perfect for this ‘apero’: saucisson, cornichons, a crusty baguette and if you’re lucky, fois gras. Then comes the entrée, dinner itself and a plate of cheese to finish. Always paired with bread and wine of course. 

The use of fresh, local, products is a must in France. The amount of street markets in every arrondissement is extraordinary and this ensures that’s fresh produce is always readily available.

Vive La French Gastronomy!



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